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Reconciling Humanity and Technology

Liberating You From Digital Burnout

Crafting Healthy Hybrid Communities

How I Help Remote Professionals

Burnout, lack of connection, unstable work habits, exhaustion, increasing frustration with the work you used to love – all sapping your potential and undercutting your success. Tangibly.

But while we may know what to do, actual implementation is not as easy as we wish.

We aren’t designed to grow alone. Lasting transformation cannot be found apart from community. A coaching relationship is critical for significant growth.

Transform your career and personal life through one-on-one coaching tailored to help you develop an actionable growth plan and support you every step along the way to Digital Mastery.

This means conquering digital burnout, stabilizing productivity, overcoming overwhelm, improving authentic connection online, and more!

How I Help Hybrid Communities

Strong community is critical for success in any worthwhile endeavor. Humans are not designed to operate in isolation! But how do you engage a community that is split across both online and in-person environments?

Relational efficiencies are sharply reduced in online environments, creating an imbalance of community connection. This means it’s harder to support the health of a hybrid community than a 100% online one! But it is possible with the right strategic awareness and culture-defining mastery.

To this end, I provide interactive workshops, training presentations, and consulting to facilitate the growth of healthy and digitally integrated cultures in organizations. Drawing from a deep understanding of how society has thrived over millennia, I bring insights from mythic identity structures and monastic wisdom to bear on modern challenges.

We can transcend the obstacles presented by online environments and connect authentically!

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