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Crafting Healthy Hybrid Communities

The modern world is still growing through the stages of becoming globally connected. Technology links us into a vast network of information -- information about history, information about science, information about world events, and information about other people. But despite how much information we have about each other, are we really more connected?

Sadly, loneliness is on the rise. And with it, depression, lack of motivation, destruction of productivity, death of mental health, and more.

Technology is often blamed. But technology is not the root of the problem.

The problem is that we humans are by default lazy and immature connectors. Technology merely caters to and exposes that Achilles heel of our species. This means that if we approach online interactions with awareness and intentionality we can overcome the loneliness and toxicity associated with it. We can regain joyful productivity -- online! We can construct healthy communities -- online!

My passion as a remote engagement coach is to help liberate you from the internal roadblocks which are crippling your capacity to connect authentically online. My presentations cover core humanhood skills that empower remote professionals and others finding themselves having to engage online to be able to grow beyond merely adequate communication and into artisans of connection. You can go beyond merely leaving behind childhood for adulting, and instead truly develop maturity mastery!

Based on this passion, available presentation topics include:

  • The True Causes and Cures of Digital Burnout
  • The Secrets to Avoiding Toxicity on Social Media
  • How to Craft Healthy Hybrid Communities
  • Inspiring Value-Driven Behavior in Digitally-Integrated Cultures

With each paid presentation I also include a special offer to attendees who opt-in: an exclusive opportunity to congregate together in small, intimate behind-the-stage discussion groups with me after the event to engage with the material and discuss any personal questions or challenges they might have. It’s like a VIP backstage pass to mingle and dive deeper into the learning experience!

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